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World Food Day 2016

This year’s World Food Day (Oct 16) theme is ‘Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.’

But we don’t need the UN to tell us this as our own survival instinct should kick in to find ways to preserve our food resources.

This would mean ensuring that our supply is sustainable and to obtain maximum yield with using minimal resources. It would require the community at large to think about changing their lifestyle to minimise food wastage through careful and mindful consumption, proper storage to avoid spoilage and sharing with one another to optimise the supply.

Such efforts need not be carried out as a sacrifice. Many people have already replanted their residential compounds with edible gardens. Instead of just being a decorative ornament, people are growing pretty plants that can also be consumed. In Eight Acres, we have the delicate and fragrant Bunga Kantan, the Barbados cherries that we use for jam and Mulberry leaves for cool tea.

By the year 2050 there will be 9.6 billion people to feed on this planet. In order to ensure food security for the masses food supply would have to be become more resilient, productive and sustainable. We can all begin with planning for a little plot within our community, our garden, our balcony, our kitchen and our dining table.

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